Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little On The Top.....

I am Totally in Love with
"Five Guys"..!

Best Burger I have eaten in a very long time...
Mine included!

To know me, I usually eat the boring Chicken, Turkey, Seafood or Salad when I order out..
Rarely do I order a burger or even "Red" meat...
unless dinning at a favorite restaurant that serves a great steak.

NOW that has all changed
Yes...I have found my Favorite Burger Joint...
And the guilt is NO where near that place..!
And the Fries Cooked in Peanut Oil aren't too bad, either!
Lets just say, I forced them...
ONLY because I couldn't stay away from them...!

I was so impressed with the selection of toppings that are FREE..
the size of the burger and the total cost for two,
which was under 20.00..

Life is so good....

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