Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winding Down..

What a week it's been...

Thank Goodness Christmas ONLY comes once a year,
Although I have scaled down,
way down in the gift purchasing department...
This year has been a busy one.!

I only have one package to wrap and ship..
It will be a bit late,
but will be a nice surprise between the 
Christmas and New Year Celebrations..!

Christmas Dinner Menu is planned
and all the food is purchased...

I think I'm ready..!!

Now I am able to enjoy the Reason for the Season..
I am thinking of maybe attending two Christmas Eve Services..
My church has early services which I attend when home,
and a beautiful old church in the City where the services start at 11pm...
It's been years since I attended this service,
I have family and friends who attend this late service
and will be more than surprised to see me there, also...

All we need is a little bit of snow..!!
Just a little bit

Have A Wonderful Christmas


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