Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sealed With A Kiss..

 Last minute sweets...

Believe it or not I had a cake baked for an 
afternoon Christmas gathering...
But someone or two decided to sample it last night...
I must confess..I was one of the two

I decided I would take the cake any ways with only two small pieces 
sampled and then decided to bake some 
Chocolate Pies...

I found this recipe several weeks ago and thinking they would be so easy 
and quick to make if your in a pinch for a small dessert or appetizer..

The preparation time was about an hour,

Ingredients Needed:

One Round Pie Shell (not in pie pan if store bought)
Hershey Kisses or in my area, Wilbur Buds are a favorite 
One Egg
One Tablespoon Water

 I wanted a sturdy surface to work from and easy clean up,
I placed the round pie dough on my very seasoned round stone..

I lined my rectangular stone with parchment paper..
I did this because my rectangular stone is only 6 months old from 
Pampered Chef and not seasoned enough...
I did not want to spray the pan with a non stick stray for this recipe..

I used a small jar to make the round circles
needed for the small pies...
It worked great!

I then placed a Kiss in the middle of each dough circle

 Folded the two sides into the middle and giving a pinch

 I then did the same to the other two remaining sides..

 Gently Pinching the tops closed and sealing them

One 9 inch Pie Shell gave me 15 Chocolate Pies

Egg wash the outside with the egg mixture of one egg and a Tablespoon of Water

Sprinkled on top some large Sugar Crystals I had on hand

And Baked at 350 for 20 mins...
You need to watch these closely while baking..
I started at 10 mins and then added another 10 mins..
Remember this is pie dough and not cookie dough..
so baking time will be a bit longer depending on what type of baking pan you use
and how thick your dough is..

The Chocolate Pies were a big hit..
I came home empty handed...!
Even the Cake was left behind..
what was left of it..!!

I was "told" I'll get my empty plate back...!
I love sharing my treats with those who
really appreciate them and the sincere
 thankfulness I receive for sharing, 
they truly are Dear Friends and a Blessing..!


  1. Morning K,
    If I was there, there would have been 3 that tested that cake!

    Your mini Choc. pies look wonderful - and soooo easy.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Karen...Your presence sharing my cake would be an honor..!!! The Mini Pies are very good and Yes, they are sooo easy..!

    Have a Fantastic New Year, Dear Friend..!



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