Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Year's Pick....

 I always make at least one hand crafted gift for giving,
this year I decided on Mr. and Mrs Frosty..

Surprisingly, I had all the material needed on hand to 
bring Mr and Mrs to life...
(instructions below)

This years pick for Truffles....Chocolate Peanut Butter
Along with my hand crafted item,
My Truffles are a most...
I have family and friends who look for these every year...
I love watching their face when the container is found at the bottom of the Gift Bag
filled to brim with the rich savory chocolate melt in your mouth o so good delectables...

  Mr and Mrs Frosty are made from a clear glass Christmas ball ornament,
I hand painted a face with acrylic paint directly onto the glass surface....

Hand Painted Face on Glass Ornament Ball
Using some bright red yarn I knitted a scarf and hat to match,
the set was hot glued directly onto the ball,
gluing small sections at a time....

Each ornament is a bit different,
with either the color of  yarn I used and/or placement of the scarf and hat...

You can either tie a pretty ribbon onto the top of the ball for hanging on your tree,
or use the conventional ornament hooks...
I chose the hooks

Completed Mr and Mrs Frosty...Packaged all snug for Gift Giving

Single Mr Frosty...He needs a mate

Homemade Gingerbread Cookies are always a
Must for those good little Boys and Girls
and a few Big Boys and Girls, too:)
Home made Gingerbread Cookies...

I decided to dress up the candy bars  I usually add to some gift bags...

I took a piece of regular print/copy paper and folded in half,
wrapped the paper around the candy bar as I would wrap a gift,
hand painted a face on the front side with acrylic paint,
took some yarn and wrapped it several times around the outside for a scarf,
and wrote a personal message on the bottom...

This is Amy:)

I received this absolutely beautiful Christmas Sleigh from My BFF
for Christmas...She knows I love Ice Skates and found a Glass Pair she added to the
front of the Sleigh....

And it adds a Beautiful Sight to my Hearth..!
Christmas with Kathy...

Merry Christmas.... From My Home To Yours


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  1. Evening K,
    I haven't been here in awhile and look what I've been missing!
    Love your cute little home-mades. My family always looks for something home made from me at the table on Christmas day...just a tradition.


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