Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Friends....just wanted to stop by and say Hi and that I have not for gotten you all!  I can't believe we're in the month of March..!  Did you all "march 4th" yesterday!?  Just a little inside joke in our home:)

I have been away for the past 11 days taking care of my Husband's Aunt who is terminally ill.  She came home from the University Of Pennsylvania Hospital with her wishes to be kept as comfortable as possible.  We have been taking care of her 24/7 since her arrival home.  I have thanked God every day I have the skills and knowledge to grant her wishes.  Between her daughter, my husband and myself, we are the primary care and comfort givers.  

Since there is no internet service at her home, the only access I have is my phone which I only use to check messages on different sites.  I had a few moments today when I came home to take care of a few things and thought I would quickly post a message letting you know my MIA . 

Please keep "Aunt Margie" in your thoughts and prayers...she is a beautiful woman who's heart is larger than life.  

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