Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Doesn't the Word "SpRinG" sound wonderful..!!?

I started my planting for this year by adding a few Pansies to an area which Dwarf Daffodils bloom. 

The area will be cleaned up later in the Spring with Fresh Mulch.  We're also planning to remove the Pine Tree to the right.  You can see a few branches...
This Pine Tree was a Christmas Tree from many years ago.  It has grown so tall and starting to lean in towards the house.  Before we have a major issue from the tree falling onto the house, it will be removed...
This is the second Pine Tree we have had to remove due to the over whelming growth and size.  

Here planted at the Oak Tree are some Prim Roses...

This is the tree in which was planted in my Mother's Memory..
She loved Oak Trees!
The Bike I'm refurbishing will be placed to the Right of the Tree.  I'm planning to fill the baskets on the bike with some Prim Roses in the Yellow and Pink colors as well.
You can't see them, but some crocus are getting ready to bloom up against the tree trunk. 

We have so much clean up this Spring and Summer...trying to get things in order.
Changes are coming..:)

Enjoy the warmer temperatures and bright sunshine..!

Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring...!! 

I am so anxious for this longggg Winter to be done with and having a nice Spring into the long lazy hazy days of Summer! 

This Spring I am doing some major planting of flowers and getting my landscaping in order.  I also have a few projects I am planning to do.

I recently purchase an old bike from an Antique Store which I am going to clean up and paint the body a Bright Yellow.  The seat and along with the wire basket I purchased to hang on the front of the bike will be painted a Bright Pink...!  The basket will be filled with many different flowers that will over flow and cascade down the outside of the basket.  The bike will then be parked against my Oak Tree at the side of my house, near our side door and porch.  I have seen many pictures of old bikes refurbished this way and this year at the Philadelphia Flower Show they had a display of this very thing....I loved it! 

Bike At Flower Show

As I mentioned, I plan to paint the body yellow with a pink seat and basket. 
I may paint the pedals pink, also.  And I must add....My bike is a 'girl's' bike :)
I love how they placed the bike among all those beautiful yellow daffodils.. 
I thought of doing the same, as I am adding a large increase of daffodils to a 
large area we have landscaped which intended purpose is privacy at the side of our home.  The bike would be seen as you drive on to our driveway. However, I have decided to place the bike under the Oak Tree I planted in memory of my Mother.
And, I want to see and enjoy the 'look' of the bike and flowers to which I will be able to more so with it placed under the tree.

I also have a special project I'm working on that will be given as a gift.
I can't say much about it now, but will show pictures after I finish the refurbish stage and have it ready to be gifted.  It will be a stay tuned!

It's all good now, my friends...
Spring has finally sprung!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four......

Have you ever heard of a Potato Bag?

Here are my newest Potato Bags I just received in the mail from Barbara in North Carolina.  I came across my very first Potato Bag in a quaint coffee shop in North Carolina on our way to Myrtle Beach a few years ago.  I purchased the bag and brought it home, placed it beside my microwave and sorta forgot about it for a few weeks.  One day I had one of those "ah ha moments" and made my first potato in my potato bag with the microwave.  Barbara had inserted instructions inside the bag and also one of her business cards.  I followed the simple instructions of, washing potato, place inside bag without poking holes, close over flap and bake for 2-21/2 minutes on high.  Gently squeeze potato from the outside of bag. If potato is soft when slightly squeezed, potato is done.
After that first potato made in the forgotten potato bag, it has become one of my very favorite cooking items in my kitchen....
I have gifted so many of these since my first purchase in that little quaint coffee shop that we just happened to stumble onto during our road trip.

Not only are the bags a plus, Barbara and I have become friends, also...

The three bags I purchased this time are for gifts also...

First one is a pattern of Cupcakes.  (I may keep this one for myself ;)

The second one is a Kitchen and Baking Pattern

The third one is a pattern of fresh fruit

In my goody package was also a Key Chain Barbara makes...
This was a gift to me, just because!  I love it Barbara...!!

I love gifting my friends and family homemade items that are so useful and made of very good quality.  I have had my share of some really crappy stuff over the years, even some crafting work done by others I personally have known and who I would never have thought would be so careless and not caring how their work looked. 
With that said, if I can't do the work myself I am very  particular on who I purchase from and no more asking others to help me complete a crafting job in an area I'm not as experienced in.....

If anyone is interested in a Potato Bag, send me a message and I'll give you Barbara's Information.

Thanks for stopping by...

Loves n Hugs,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week with the anticipation of all this snow we have been hit with, I went to Roots Market, a local farmer's market, and stocked up on fresh goodies, meats and veggies.
Tonight I made two dishes using up the last of fresh Asparagus and fresh Spinach.

I made a chicken spinach dish with a garlic and lemon cream sauce and a favorite dish my mother made often, asparagus casserole. 

Firstly, I took some skinless chicken fillets from the freezer, (I wrap about two or three thin skinless chicken breasts in plastic wrap and freeze several wraps together in a sealed plastic bag.  This makes life so much easier when I need some chicken.  I simply pull a wrap from the bag, unwrap the chicken and I have the perfect amount I need for whichever chicken meal I am planning to make.)
I placed the frozen fillets in a large skillet with some butter.  Let the chicken simmer until each fillet is separated and nicely golden brown.  I also sprinkled some garlic salt on the chicken as it simmered.

 I then added some some flour, about a large Tablespoon to the chicken, flipped it over in the pan so the flour was on the bottom and moved each piece of chicken around so the flour mixed in with the butter.  I then sprinkled some lemon juice on top of the chicken and added some light cream.  Mixed this around with the fork and each piece of chicken.  The sauce thicken up very nicely...

I then added the fresh spinach.  I did wash the spinach before cooking with it in a cold water bath.  I had a large amount of spinach, so I placed all of the spinach on top of the chicken and placed a lid on the skillet.  I had to hold the lid down for a few minutes until the spinach started to wilt.  I reduced the temperature down below medium heat.  The spinach steamed down very nicely...

 Here is the completed dish.

While the spinach was steaming, I finished my asparagus casserole.
First I steamed a nice fresh bunch of asparagus.  Toasted four pieces of bread, and earlier in the day I had hard boiled two eggs.

In the dish  your serving in, take the eggs and chop/slice into smaller pieces.  Tear up the four pieces of bread into the serving dish, add the asparagus.  
Now you add some milk.  You can either add cold milk into the dish or warm the milk up first in a pan on the stove top or microwave OR pour cold milk into the serving dish over the asparagus, eggs and bread and heat in the microwave.  Just make sure your serving dish is microwave safe.  Which ever way you decide to warm the milk is entirely your choice.. You can also add some butter if you like.

This is what your asparagus casserole should look like. 
   I have the dish tilted front so I could get a decent picture. You can place the asparagus in the oven for a few minutes also to warm the milk and melt the butter.
I cheat and just warm the milk in the microwave.

So, there you have it my friends....
A very quick and healthy meal with plenty of leftovers!
This is enough food for at least three meals.

More snow here tonight into Tuesday...
Then the temperatures are expected to be in the low 50's later in the week and weekend..! I can certainly handle those temperatures.

Have a safe and fun week
and thanks for stopping by..


Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's Your Theme...!?

What a wild winter this has most of you have also been experiencing if you live here in the US from the Mid-West to the East, and all along the East Coast...!  Spring can not come soon enough for this Gal!

So many of you crafty folks are taking advantage of being stuck inside.
I have made several Infinity Scarfs since Christmas.  It's a good way for me to relax in the evenings.  And, my friends and family seem to enjoy and like them.

One of my acquaintances from Facebook is Ruthie.  She is a very good friend of my nieces Mother-In-Law.  Ruthie is from PA and moved to GA several years ago.
Ruthie has been busy crocheting hats.  And not just  your every day hand-made Crocheted hat.  Hats with a theme....

Below are the most recent hats Ruthie has made.
 Click on picture to enlarge. 
Doesn't she have talent!!  If your interested in having Ruthie make you a personal theme hat, you can contact her by Personal Message here

The hat she made for our special little guy, Sam....was a "monster hat" to match his favorite slippers, which he cannot be without when he is home.  

So, Uncle Jere gave him his new Monster Hat tonight after work and before uncle had to head out for his class.  I was hopping Jere would be able to join us for the Spaghetti meal I made, but he didn't have enough time.

Sam in his Monster Hat

Sam checking himself out in the mirror....

We had such a fun visit with Sam and his Mommy.  We sure do love this little guy.
The last two visits from Sam, he did not want to go home.  First time he showed not wanting to leave, he ran back into the Family Room and sat down with his coat on.  On this visit, he really gave his Mommy a hard time, she would put his coat on, he would take it off.  It sure does make us feel good knowing he likes being here.  But not so good for mommy.

Until next time, I hope all is well with you! 
Stay safe and be careful if your in the line of all these winter storms.
Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here we are near the end of January...
I honestly can not wait for the next 8 weeks to be over and done with!  I am so tired of the cold and nasty weather and the frigid temperatures here in PA.
My poor body just can't take the freezing cold. 

Fortunately, I've been kept busy.  There is always something I can find in need of attention.  Today was a "Meals On Wheels" day.  It was bitter cold when you were outside, but the sun was so bright and warm coming in through the car windows, I actually had to put my window down a bit with the outside temperature of 9 degrees.  After we finished with our MOW route, we headed over to the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster.  There is an Amish Business I have been wanting to visit that makes homemade Chicken, Sausage and Beef Pies.  I must say, it really was in the back part of the Amish Country....
I  purchased 5 of the 6" Chicken Pies.  The 6" will be just the perfect size for one when we have those days of needing something in a pinch or I am not cooking. 
The business is called "Zook Chicken Pot Pies"
If the smell from the outside is any indication of the taste, those pies will be a winner for me!
Since we were at that end of the county, I planned to stop by and visit with my 90 year old uncle who has recently transferred to a Personal Care Facility at the eastern side of the county.  First we had lunch at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster.  The building is the original building of the Lancaster Tobacco Company.  Much of the interior is original to when the building was built. 
After lunch we headed over to my Uncle.  The Facility he is at is not far from the restaurant.  I was proud of myself remembering my way around those little streets and Alleys of Lancaster. 
I had promised to bring my uncle some homemade chicken pot pie.  Not the pies made of chicken, but the real deal of rolled dough noodles.  I make my pot pie the way I was taught from my mother and how my mother was taught from her mother.  When I shared with my uncle during a last visit that I was making some, his face lit up and said 'that sounds good' I promised he would get some.
The adjustment for my uncle has been a slow process.  He has periods of confusion which causes him to forget where he is and sometimes who one is.  
Today was a day of him missing his wife and feeling lonely.  After telling stories of when I was young with a few tears and many laughs, he seemed to be in a better mind set when we left.  Even though this is the area I have much experience in, its still very difficult seeing a loved one having to go through those changes that make no sense to them or you. 
On a happier note....I'm hosting an Adult PJ Party next weekend.  This is something we have talked about doing and now it's gonna happen!  A night of wine, food, chick flicks and NO MEN!  There will be 5 total in attendance.  My family room will be turned into one big bedroom of  a pull-out sleeper bed, an air mattress and cot if needed.  Those attending will each bring a covered dish.  I'm providing Cocktail and Coconut Shrimp, some adult beverages and breakfast of a Quiche, Fresh Fruit, Moravian Sugar Cake, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. 
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We all are looking forward to this 'girl' time!

That's all I have for now....I hope where ever your little corner is, your warm and cozy.  Until next time, be safe and have fun!

Much love and thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year has been rung in..! What a fun Holiday it was.  I have finally learned the less you stress and really enjoy the moment, the time is truly one to be cherished and thankful for. The past several years my gift to those close to me has been the 'gift of time'.  I am so blessed with loving and supportive people around me and in my life, and realize the true meaning of honest relationships with friends and family. 
Contentment is not always a welcome or easily found, I like to think I have found it!

Christmas was fun...and also the days leading up to the big day and those that followed.
New Years Eve was spent at my Nephew's new home with family and friends.  The evening was very much enjoyed with good food and company.
Starting out the New Year, I cooked the traditional 'good luck' meal of Pork and Kraut on the 1st.

So for 2014, the New Year is full of many possibilities and plans of a full year of enjoyment.

 Wishing you All, my friends... A Blessed and Enjoyable 2014...!

Happy New Year,


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello My Friends..!
It's the Last Weekend to get those last minute gifts... 

Thank goodness my shopping is complete.  The internet is the best invention, EVER!
I use Amazon alot for shopping and Christmas Time is no exception.  It's wonderful being able to review an item and read reviews before making a purchase.  I have only had to return one item in the past several years shopping with Amazon and have been very pleased with the many purchases I made.  My son has Prime Shipping due to his job, if there is an item with high shipping costs he will use his Prime Account and save me the shipping costs.  A win-win..!

Here are a few homemade gifts I made for this years Holiday Gift Giving...

 I made these illuminated jar with personal pictures on them for those I am gifting to.
Very easy...I used Vellum Paper, chose a picture from  my computer and printed.  Then I cut the picture down to size and wrapped around the jar sealing it with Mog Podge....I placed a battery operated flicker candle inside. You can also place a small votive candle inside and burn.

 The blotchy look on the jar is a frosted look I wanted created with the Mog Podge.  The look turned out to my liking, it does look much better than in the pictures.

 Here are some Mason Jars I spruced up a bit.  I took labels I had or downloaded them to which I customized them, mod podged them onto the jars and also gave the jars an all over Frosted Look...The lids I spray painted black.  Put some labels on with a very thin rope and filled with Tea, Coffee or my Homemade Cocoa.
 This jar is a very Old Jar I purchased at my Aunt and Uncles Auction.  I gifted this to my Besties' Daughter filled with Cocoa.  These jars can be used as a storage container and displayed on the counter.

 This label is one I personally created..

 I made a Card Holder for a few friends and family members. 
Clothes Pins made Prim on one side and clipped to a thick rope tied off and looped at the ends...

Lastly I made some homemade Cranberry Almond Biscotti

This was my first time making Biscotti and I am very pleased with the outcome.
It's perfect..! The taste, splendid!
And it was much easier to make than I had anticipated..

 That's all I have for now...I was able to gift 6 people with my homemade items...
I hope they enjoy them..:)

If your out and about shopping this weekend, please take caution and be safe....!
There are people and cars...EVERYWHERE!

Have a very Blessed and Wonderful

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making Sweets With A Sweet Boy

The Saturday after Thanksgiving has become an annual cookie baking day with my Bestie and very good friend from way back in elementary school.  We each prepare a double batch of cookie dough of whichever cookie recipe we wish to bake and bring the dough(s) along with containers to my home for a full day of baking, eating, drinking and many many laughs....
Fortunately I have a very workable kitchen for cooking and baking with my "make to order" oak kitchen table having 10 boards.  I think we used 4 this year... :)

Our Holiday Cookie Menu:

PB Blossoms
Chocolate Chip-Plain and with Nuts
Old Fashion Raisin Cookies
Decorated Sugar Cookies 

We get better with organization with each much fun! 
I make a large pot of Chili to munch on throughout the day so we have something other than sweet cookies in our bellies.  The Chili helps to balance it out a bit...;)

Later in the day we had a very special little visitor who decorated his own Sugar Cookies. Son's little buddy who is 14 months and very bright and active.  I forgot how much energy these little guys have at that age, but we so enjoy him and love when he comes for visits.

Here are a few pictures of the Holiday Baking...I hope you enjoy!

As you can see by the photos, we all had a fun time...
Especially Sam!
He decorated and then tasted a little and then a little more.

Sam's hair style is due to him being cleaned up quickly by Mommy after he ate his supper before decorating and taste testing...
Uncle Jere had Sam trying every different spoon in the drawer to eat his Ravioli with , from his own toddler spoons to full size spoons. 
Needless to say, Uncle Jere was having just as much fun as Sam trying to decide which utensil worked the best.  

We finished up around 5 o'clock with the last of the baking. 
Then we ate some more chili, drank some wine and relaxed a bit.

What are your favorite holiday cookies and do you bake each year?

Thanks for stopping by and remember to slow down and enjoy this crazy time of year..!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

 This is how my day ended...with a piece of my Grandmother Myers's 
Pumpkin Pie.  I must say, this year my pies are the most tastiest or I was so hungry for a piece of grandma's pumpkin pie I wanted to savor every bite. 

Everything was so delicious..
The fresh turkey from the poultry farm to the creamed corn.

We survived another year of a Thanksgiving Dinner Blessing.

I hope your day was filled with family and friends with an abundance of food and many blessings with many more to come..

Now comes the craziness the next few weeks of Holiday Shopping.
Thank goodness for  Cyber Shopping :)

Thanks for stopping by,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can't Stop Now.........

Hello Friends...! I know it's been a few weeks since I stopped by.  Life has been whizzing by so quickly with Events and getting ready for the Winter Months.  UGH...
You all know how much I dislike the Cold and Ice.  Love the beauty of the Snow, just not all that comes with it. 

A few things I've been up to.....Last Monday on Veterans Day, my cousins had an Auction for their parents home and all personal belongings.  That my friends, was a very difficult day!  My cousins, (brother and sister) have been planning for this sale for quite a while, knowing that it was inevitable and needed to be done.  My Aunt was my Father's Sister whom we All were close.  She passed several years ago and since then it's been a large void in our family.  My Uncle has moved to a Retirement Village where he is very comfortable and safe.  My cousin had asked me to be at the Sale for support, to which I had no reserves about attending.  We arrived about an hour before the sale and it really took me for a blow seeing all their family belongs scattered through out the lawn in the rear, side and front of the property.  The sale started promptly with household items, with the Property Auctioned at 12 noon.  There were 48 Couples at the first Open House, that did not include Singles.  The second Open House brought 23 Couples and a few Singles.  Plus a few private showings.  So we knew the Property was going to sell that day and more than a few wanted it.  The location of the Property is in my hometown of Lititz, PA (Coolest Small Town In America) and in a very upscale neighborhood.  Another plus, a nice corner lot....
The property did in deed sale that day..!  The highest bidder was a young female teacher.  She has been teaching in the Lancaster area for a few years with a lengthy commute.  My cousin was very please to hear this young teacher was the new owner, hence her daughter is about the same age and also a teacher to which my Aunt and Uncle were so proud.  
I was able to purchase their coffee table I really really wanted and hubs purchased my uncles 'like new' generator.  I also bartered with someone at the sale who purchased a box of many items.  He really only wanted one item in the box, leaving some Mason Jars I had my eye on.  I was able to get him down to 6.00 for 6 jars.  Two of the jars are the collector blue jars, one being worth about 25.00.  I'm going to clean them up, fill them with some sort of food and gift them for Christmas.  
After the sale, my cousins, hubs and I went to dinner to relax and reminisce our time spent at their parents home. It was a very bittersweet day...!  

This past weekend we attended a surprise Birthday Party.  The birthday boy was very was great meeting some new folks and bumping into a childhood friend/neighbor I haven't seen in many many years!  Such a small world....

This week we're having a Seafood dinner for a family member who is having a birthday soon and then it's getting ready for the big T-Day...! 

I hope your doing well and have a nice Thanksgiving Day....!  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friend Meeting Friend....

I had the pure pleasure of finally meeting my friend, Karen who I have come to know over the years through blogging. Karen's blog is...
 Karen is from Wisconsin and has family in Lancaster County which brings her and her husband to PA several times a year.  Karen Loves my hometown of Lititz!  We have tried several times to meet up when she was in the area, but with her busy schedule while she was here and mine the days were always cut too short for a meet up.  Finally, we made it happen!

Karen contacted me when she knew of her most recent plans coming to Lancaster.  We immediately agreed to meet for lunch in Lititz at A Tea Affair.  We were hoping for another blogger to join us, Teresa from Teresas Primitive Treasures . But unfortunately, Teresa was not able to break time!
My cousin Linda, however was also able to join us for High Tea.  This was Linda and Karen's  first time at A Tea Affair, so it was very exciting to share their first time experience with them. 

Here are a few photos of our Luncheon....

With Karen at Lunch

With Karen and my Cousin Linda
 We each had our Pot Of Tea...I think between the three of us, we had 6 different Teas. 
Our First Course was a Blueberry Muffin with Strawberry Jam.
Second Course was a fresh Salad and Soup.
Karen enjoying her Vegetable Soup

I chose the Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Our Tea Sandwiches and Desserts
 Our Third and Final Course of Tea Sandwiches and Desserts.

 We each brought our Desserts home, it is just so much food!

We had a very enjoyable time as we chatted and ate our scrumptious lunch.

My Hand Made Gift from Karen

Outside picture of A Tea Affair

Several outside tables and chairs make a very comfortable outside area

The day was so nice spending it with Linda and getting to know Karen on a more personal level.  We're hoping to meet up again during her next visit.
And the Santa she gave me, already has a home!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our day at 

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