Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring...!! 

I am so anxious for this longggg Winter to be done with and having a nice Spring into the long lazy hazy days of Summer! 

This Spring I am doing some major planting of flowers and getting my landscaping in order.  I also have a few projects I am planning to do.

I recently purchase an old bike from an Antique Store which I am going to clean up and paint the body a Bright Yellow.  The seat and along with the wire basket I purchased to hang on the front of the bike will be painted a Bright Pink...!  The basket will be filled with many different flowers that will over flow and cascade down the outside of the basket.  The bike will then be parked against my Oak Tree at the side of my house, near our side door and porch.  I have seen many pictures of old bikes refurbished this way and this year at the Philadelphia Flower Show they had a display of this very thing....I loved it! 

Bike At Flower Show

As I mentioned, I plan to paint the body yellow with a pink seat and basket. 
I may paint the pedals pink, also.  And I must add....My bike is a 'girl's' bike :)
I love how they placed the bike among all those beautiful yellow daffodils.. 
I thought of doing the same, as I am adding a large increase of daffodils to a 
large area we have landscaped which intended purpose is privacy at the side of our home.  The bike would be seen as you drive on to our driveway. However, I have decided to place the bike under the Oak Tree I planted in memory of my Mother.
And, I want to see and enjoy the 'look' of the bike and flowers to which I will be able to more so with it placed under the tree.

I also have a special project I'm working on that will be given as a gift.
I can't say much about it now, but will show pictures after I finish the refurbish stage and have it ready to be gifted.  It will be a stay tuned!

It's all good now, my friends...
Spring has finally sprung!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time...


  1. Can't wait to see your bike done. Love the color choices! Happy Spring!

  2. Happy Spring! The bike will look awesome.Have a blessed day.Hugs,Jen


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