Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Doesn't the Word "SpRinG" sound wonderful..!!?

I started my planting for this year by adding a few Pansies to an area which Dwarf Daffodils bloom. 

The area will be cleaned up later in the Spring with Fresh Mulch.  We're also planning to remove the Pine Tree to the right.  You can see a few branches...
This Pine Tree was a Christmas Tree from many years ago.  It has grown so tall and starting to lean in towards the house.  Before we have a major issue from the tree falling onto the house, it will be removed...
This is the second Pine Tree we have had to remove due to the over whelming growth and size.  

Here planted at the Oak Tree are some Prim Roses...

This is the tree in which was planted in my Mother's Memory..
She loved Oak Trees!
The Bike I'm refurbishing will be placed to the Right of the Tree.  I'm planning to fill the baskets on the bike with some Prim Roses in the Yellow and Pink colors as well.
You can't see them, but some crocus are getting ready to bloom up against the tree trunk. 

We have so much clean up this Spring and Summer...trying to get things in order.
Changes are coming..:)

Enjoy the warmer temperatures and bright sunshine..!

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  1. Hi K. Here in the south there are so many pine trees and they are the first to go when there is lots of rain and storms. You are making a wise decision to have it taken down. Love all the flowers. Don't you just love Spring and new growth? Take care.


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