Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year has been rung in..! What a fun Holiday it was.  I have finally learned the less you stress and really enjoy the moment, the time is truly one to be cherished and thankful for. The past several years my gift to those close to me has been the 'gift of time'.  I am so blessed with loving and supportive people around me and in my life, and realize the true meaning of honest relationships with friends and family. 
Contentment is not always a welcome or easily found, I like to think I have found it!

Christmas was fun...and also the days leading up to the big day and those that followed.
New Years Eve was spent at my Nephew's new home with family and friends.  The evening was very much enjoyed with good food and company.
Starting out the New Year, I cooked the traditional 'good luck' meal of Pork and Kraut on the 1st.

So for 2014, the New Year is full of many possibilities and plans of a full year of enjoyment.

 Wishing you All, my friends... A Blessed and Enjoyable 2014...!

Happy New Year,


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