Saturday, May 10, 2014

He Calls Her "Mother"

Happy Mother's Day....
To All Grandmothers, Mothers, Godmothers and

Mother's Day has always been so special for me!
As a child I was always so excited to give my Mother and usually my one special Aunt a gift...
After my son was born, the little small gifts he made for me are the most precious to my heart.
Many of Jere's scripts and poems given to me are framed in a shadow box frame which is hanging in our hallway.  It's the first thing I see in the morning after leaving my personal sanctuary (bedroom).
Even at the age of 26, Jere has always made me feel 'special' and very blessed to have him as my Son.
As he has matured into adulthood, I so appreciate him...!  And the direction he has pursued.
I will be pampered along with Jere's Godmother
with a fabulous meal cooked by Jere and
 a day of remembrance of our mothers who have passed with many laughs and a few tears...

I salute all who make their mother feel special..
Should your mother not be close to you for whatever reason, go out and make another mother feel special if it's only wishing them a "Happy Mother's Day" in passing...
You'll be glad you did!

From one mother to another,
Loves and Hugs



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