Sunday, December 9, 2012

Focus People....Focus!

One of our family traditions was always getting a picture taken in front of the Christmas Tree.  This was done for many years since my son was born.  A tradition I carried over from my childhood.  Since my son is now in his mid 20's, the picture does not always get taken every year.  The recent years the picture was taken, the photo shot was not always in front of our Christmas Tree.  Why you ask??  I do not always decorate a tree at Christmas time:(....Last year I purchased a Northern Pine Tree and added a few decorations, it served it's purpose:)  I'm sure the day I become a grandmother all the tree fixins will find their way out of the many containers where they are safe and neatly packed away.  Until then, I keep it very simple...this year the Family Christmas Photo was taken at a local Greenery where they have some Christmas Photo Op Displayes.  In the past the displays were much nicer, not sure if they have a new person creating them or lack of personnel.  The price tags were showing on all the items displayed and the displays themselves were cramped with not much room for a nice photo and/or the back ground area of the store which was not decorated could be seen.  It's a shame these "little" things are not taken into consideration,  because they would really benefit sales with the customer traffic.  After we somewhat rearranged the display...*snicker*
we did manage a few good shots.  Here are a few that DID NOT make the cut in the final decision for our Family Christmas Card.....

This picture cracks me up.....I thought my son was directly behind us!
And I must say, that is the Ugliest Reindeer I have ever seen..!! I know, beggars can't be choosey..!
The gal who took the pics and my son were having way too much fun with the camera taking pictures of each other.  I deleted those pics, I wish now I would have saved them to share so you know what all I was up against....never a dull moment!  

Here is the picture I chose for our Christmas Card
The guys insisted that darn Reindeer be in the picture.  They don't know it yet, but I was able to crop it out of the picture a bit for the card...hahaaaaha

Have a great week, friends!


  1. K I LOVE the last picture, the other pics. were to funny, and it was your hubby making me laugh or you handsome son making me laugh! You were smiling in every picture!
    The guys seemed to be having fun, and that is what it is all about!
    SMILE, LAUGH, and be silly!!!!!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Good Morning, T! Never a dull moment, that's for sure! Yes, I just kept smiling:) Have a great Monday, lovs n hugs...K


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