Friday, December 21, 2012

Well here it is the last weekend before Christmas and the Jolly Old Man comes to visit...
 With so much sadness in the world, it's hard for the Spirit Of The Season to fill your heart and soul with Joy.  At times I feel guilty when I have that moment of a Joyous feeling of the Season, because I'm quickly reminded of all the Sad Events on a personal level and worldly that have come to be this past year.......Faith has really been tested for me on a very personal level this past year, but I know in my heart God is always in control and we must let him handle it all!  
So with the Holiday Season in full swing, 
Won't you join me on a Christmas Tour of my Hometown of Lititz, PA!  All decorated for the Season....

 We'll start at the town square where you'll find the Nativity, which is owned by the Moravian Church.  Lititz was founded by Members of the Moravian Church in 1756. For a century only Moravian's were allowed to live in Lititz.

 Now we'll take a walk down Main Street....
Here you find the Spirit of the Season in every store front

 This next picture is of the side entrance into the Moravian Church.  To the left of the photo is the Court Yard of the Moravian Church along Main Street.  The buildings in the far end, (behind the white pillar) is Linden Hall, the Oldest Girl's School in America.

 Now we are heading North of the Town Square, this building is the Tomato Pie Cafe'.
A very old and original building in Lititz.

This next photo was taken in 1945 after World War II.  Lititz celebrated the end of the War and the local Heroes who served by placing illuminated wooden stars on all the lamp posts on Main and Broad Streets.  The very same wooden stars shine brightly to this day..!

I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas Tour of my Hometown....
I never get tired of driving through town looking at all the beautiful lights and decorations!

Santa below, of "Our" own....
I was lucky enough to capture a photo of him waving to me as I drove through town a few years past. You will find him at this very spot in front of the train station at the park every Christmas Season in "My" hometown. 

 Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year my Friends!


  1. K,
    Thanks for the Christmas tour and I loved seeing Santa waving to you.
    Beautiful pictures.
    I got your family Christmas card and love it.
    I have it hanging up with all my other Christmas cards!
    Merry Christmas my dear, dear, friend
    Love ya,

  2. Hey T.....My hometown is beautiful all year long, but especially at Christmas time. Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy this time with your family :) I have a funny to tell you...Hugs to you my dear friend...K


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