Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, these are my feet!
Aren't they pretty:)
I am learning to do more of this and enjoying it..!

OK, to a certain point I'm enjoying this:)
Life has a way of making you slow down a bit,
and I have certainly been witness to that lately.
My mission per say lately has been encouraging 
women my age and younger the importance of having
yearly physicals with pertinent blood work...
I am amazed at how many middle aged women/mothers 
and men/fathers
do not take the time to take care of themselves.

My question to them is....
Who will take care of  your family/children
should something happen to you that could have been prevented?

In today's society we owe it to ourselves
and our family to be responsible and have those 
yearly check ups....
Preventive medicine can find a health issue and/or 
concern long before it becomes a long term condition or illness...
And pampering yourself is not a bad thing, either:)
Hope your enjoying these last few weeks of summer..
I can not believe we are in August already!!!

Be safe my friends and make each day a good one...

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