Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am so sad and a bit depressed to see Summer coming to an much as I like the season of Fall and the cooler weather, Summer is by far my favorite season and time of the year.  As we say Good-Bye to the Chapter of Summer, the new chapter of Fall brings Fairs, Parades, Football and Apple Festivals, just to mention a few fun Fall activities....

The transition is in full force in the home, my son is back to school and busier than ever.  He has decided on a double major in Computer Science and Business, and he's been talking about obtaining his Masters Degree. I am so thankful for his determination and self discipline working towards his future in areas he likes and will greatly benefit him, all the while working a full time job he loves and excels in.   I'm preparing for my Fall Specials with my Salon Business and considering some new investments for the long term.  It's always fun to brain storm and see what has worked in the past and what may be worth trying. 

As I was driving to a friends home today, I passed many road side stands selling pumpkins, that is a sure sign Fall is around the corner and it gives me an excuse to do some baking:)   I'm hoping to bake some pies and cookies, I must confess I still have some baked goodies in my deep freezer from summer baking. 

It will soon be time to close up the Pool for the season, also.....and then after that task, I know the next chapter is Winter.  UGH..MY MIND CAN NOT PROCESS THAT RIGHT NOW!!

Have a great holiday week-end and enjoy the warmer days while they last...!!!

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