Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Chocolate Martini, Please......

My Cousin, Patti and I have been trying to have a lunch date since my 50th birthday this past July.  Our schedules were both very busy, to say the least which did not allow enough time for a lunch date.  After putting our heads together several weeks ago we set a date, place and time...I was treated to an awesome lunch at the Tavern, to which has always been a family favorite of ours.  I was also given another Hallmark Hand Painted Glass, this one being a Martini Glass....I am thinking I need a corner glass hutch to display my gifts of hand painted glasses, they are just too beautiful to not have them displayed when not in use:)

Have a Fun weekend and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather...!

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  1. So glad you and Patti found time to get together. Why are we always so busy, and how can we change that? Love your painted glass. Yes, I bet your collection would make a pretty display. Hoping a fun weekend is in your plans.


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