Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Kala and Casey's Wedding Reception
September 10, 2011
Wedding in the Bahamas
August 5, 2011

What a good time was had by ALL....!!

I can't remember the last wedding reception I attended where everyone had a BLAST!!
The dance floor was packed during the entire time, except for about maybe 30 minutes to eat..
The Bride and Groom along with the wedding party ate and immediately got this party started!

It was awesome to see all ages on that dance floor and let me just say,
the young ones had nothing over the elders in the room!

Below I am pictured with my cousin Patti, the Mother Of The Bride and the Bride, Kala..
Isn't she just beautiful...!  Her smile says it ALL!
 Kala and Casey cutting their cake..

 Kala just being herself, she was so happy and enjoying every moment..

The yummo cupcakes served were a vanilla with chocolate ganache filling, topped with a light creamy frosting...A two thumbs up from me!

Kala with her Grandfather, my uncle.  He had said his good-nights and good-byes,
only to come back and have one more dance with his princess...
Doesn't he look daper in that cool shirt!!?  He wasn't able to attend the wedding in the Bahamas,
but he wasn't forgotten, a little bit of the 'Bahamas' was brought back to him:)
(sorry for the poor quality of the photo, wrong setting)

The energy was so high, as you can see..!

You could diffidently feel the Love between Kala and Casey,
and for them from their families and friends..!
Congratulations Kala and Casey
Forever After

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