Monday, September 26, 2011

My First Place Hershey's Chocolate Cake Display was brought home and found a "home" above my kitchen Cabinets. 

 It's been a fun week of many folks congratulating me for winning first place.  I am very quick to share, this was a total whim of an act I decided to par take in with no high expectations of even placing in the judging...
The Pennsylvania Dutch take their baking very serious in these parts of the world, and to have been in strong competition among some of the best bakers and winning is a sure compliment.  I now will see how well my culinary skills in which I learned from my mother, will do against the rest of the Best Bakers in the State of Pennsylvania in early January.  To be a part of this competition is such an honor, I am humbled and excited to meet the winners who won at their respected local level and will be competing as well in January.  I will report back in January and update this post when I bake the next winning;/ Hershey's Chocolate Cake....!

Have a great week my friends, and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather.  Rain is predicted in the forecast for the next several days with clearing in time for the week-end, so we won't complain too much!

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