Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January...Bring It On!!

I know most people get very depressed and down after the Holiday Season. All the excitment and high energy of the season gets most fired up, and after the New Year arrives for some its a very big let down and time of feeling "Blah"...!!

I for one am very excited and look forward to the month of January after the New Year.
For me, it means warmer weather and high sunshine is just around the corner!!!

I can not tolerate the damp and dreary long days of late Fall and Winter. The dampness has a way of making my entire body feel like one big pin cushion..
. January days start the new seasons for the year and the days get longer with each new one.

As you prepare for your New Year, I hope you find some excitement in what the future months are to bring..
I know I will...

I say, Bring It On January..Spring is just around the Corner!!

Have a happy week and be safe

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  1. Morning K
    I don't get all depressed after the holidays either.
    I rather like the normalcy of things and start planning new projects and am thankful that the weather is still rotten enough to be inside where I can feel not so guilty being in there and doing my projects and not outside neglecting things. It's a reprieve for me.
    Summertime there are JUST SO MANY THINGS GOING ON I NEVER GET MUCH DONE that I want to. This is my WORK time.
    Hugs, Karen


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