Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Coffee and Buns Await....

Today is the day to grab the blanket, keep the coffee brewing and indulge in the sweets of freshly baked cinnamon buns...!

The forecast here in Central Pa is for several inches of snow, when that all exactly is to arrive remains a mystery to us all.

The roads are very passable with only a very fine flurry. So we shall see what the day eventually brings.

I am hoping for the snow to hold off until later today, I have plans to meet with my Best and Dearest Friend, Kathy at her home today.

We have not seen each other since mid-December, so we have much to catch up on...

If your one who is in the line of this most recent snow storm, stay warm, safe and enjoy the beauty of it..!

Happy Week-End

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  1. What is it about being cold out and eating??? I have been baking up a storm since we received our snow here! It has finally melted and gone and I am now spending every free minute on my new wii fit game trying to get rid of the extra pounds I have put on already this winter. Now I am hungry for a good cinnamon roll! Have a wonderful rest of your week end and stay toasty warm.


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