Friday, January 9, 2009


Wertz Candy
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

What do you get when you combine two delectable ingredients of Chocolate and Peanut Butter....?? Peanut Butter Cups...!
And what is even better than just any plain old
peanut butter cup...?

A Homemade Peanut Butter Cup from Wertz's Candy...!!

Today I met a dear friend, Vickie I have know since Middle School Years...Yes, that's a very long time!! We have stayed connected over the course of the years and through jobs and family our friendship has maintained. Vickie recently lost her Father and she of course knows my family very well, ALL my Aunts and Uncles which most say make up half of our home town....! So today we shared memories of her family and mine, since we both recently lost a loved one, her Father and my Aunt....

We had a very relaxing lunch of only two hours at the Brickerville House (Earlier Blog)...Thank goodness we decided on a later time to meet and the lunch rush was over by the time our food was served.....

After our lunch we walked around a few shops and one of my favorites is the Candy Shop, Wertz's. Wertz's Candy actually originated in the County of Lebanon where I currently live. They have a small shop in the Court Yard at the Brickerville House and transport their fresh homemade candies from Lebanon County to the Shop in Brickerville, Lancaster County.

I have been so good at not over indulging in sweets, but I just had to get a few Peanut Butter Cups...And they are so Good.

I would share, but I'm not gonna.....Sorry


  1. Oh yeah!!!!! Good candy....I've had it!
    And oh, is Brickerville finished yet. When we went by there in November it was all under!!!!!!!

  2. Oh thank you so much K for posting about Brickerville - it's lovely isn't it?
    You are so fortunate to live in such a wonderfully historic area.
    We're coming out there the end of Jan/firt of Feb. would be nice to meet you!
    Hug, Karen


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