Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Scientific Experiment

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I felt like I was stepping back in a time machine...

During our recent family visit with my brother and his family,
My husband and I spent an afternoon with my Niece, Shayna and Nephew, Seth at the Sci Port Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

My husband is a Science Nerd, but not in the sense of Socially inept as a Nerd is thought to be..
So when we were thinking about Fun things to do during our visit, this afternoon at the Science Center was high priority on the list for the....Guys in the group!

I however and I think I can speak for my Niece, would have rather been at a Mall or Salon, but just like the Female gender has to be kept happy so does the Male gender. So off to the Science Center we went.

Our first stop on the hour drive was lunch of course.

We stopped at a Crackle Barrel..
I am a very big fan of Crackle Barrel and search the highway boards for the first exit which will guide us to the
Popular Old County Store and Restaurant
For those of you have been to the Crackle Barrel, your familiar with the Peg game...
My niece and nephew found the game to be very challenging and of course competitive...

After lunch we soon arrived at the Center...
Science Museums were one of many family outings we have done in the past with our Son, Jeremy. So this was not a new adventure for my husband and I, which maybe would have been a good thing had it been. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of staff available to assist at the stations and how very unkept the center was as we made our way around the rotation of the stations and a must do visit to the snack bar for dipping dots...

The positive was, my niece and nephew appeared to be oblivious to the disarray of it all and enjoyed the Hands On in the World Of Science.
We did have a fun afternoon and experiencing the Science World through the eyes of our youth for the first time is well worth the trip!!
Uncle Bob sure did have a blast introducing and explaining the
"Science" of it all....
I however as you can see, opted to be the photographer..!!

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  1. K, what a wonderful outing and of course priorities first...FOOD!!!! And oh yes, Cracker Barrell is wonderful. I especially like it for their Country Fried Steak dinner...AWESOME!
    Glad you had a great time.


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