Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Preserved Distinctive Destination....

Many of my readers have heard me speak and have read postings about my hometown, Lititz, PA. Well, once again my little quaint hometown is on the map!
The 2009 edition of the "National Trust For Historic Preservation" just released their list of:

Dozen Distinctive Destinations"

And Lititz was among the list!

I have such fond memories growing up in Lititz and my heart aches to be back there once again.

I will share one of my memories..

The picture posted, my first appartment after Nursing School was in that building upstairs.
My Grandfather was very good friends with, Mr. Ford, the owner of all those historic buildings for many, many years. When I was in search of an apartment, I phoned Mr. Ford and asked if I could stop by his home for a visit, I remember my visit that day being so warm and welcoming by Mr. Ford and his wife. We chatted for a long time about my early years riding my bike on the sidewalk that ran along his property, Clair's Grocery Store on the corner adjacent his home, people in the community and of course, my Grandfather who had since passed. During our conversation, I gradually got around to explaining my need for an apartment and should one of is rentals become available to please keep me in mind....
Mr. Ford was more than gracious with my desire to live in Lititz. as I anxiously wanted to start my life as a Young Adult with my newly earned profession.
Call it fate or God's work throwing a blessing my way, Mr. Ford had just received notice from one of his tenants he would be giving up his lease... Mr. Ford offered to show me the apartment that very day.
Being me, I wasted NO time...!!
Mr. Ford climbed,
( which was no easy task, he was very tall) into my old VW which by the way, faithfully got me through high school and nursing school.
Off we went to see my "New" apartment, I remember being so excited...

I immedately adored that apartment...!
It was one of three apartments, being the one in the far back of the building. My view from my sitting room over looked a nice yard with a parking lot in the rear that Mr. Ford just happened to also own. Yes, I had my very own private parking space up front!! The apartment was a Bi-Level, the bedrooms and bath were in the upper part as you walked inside, you desended a few old wooden wide steps down into the sitting area and small kictchen.. The real plus was, I had the ONLY apartment with a porch/balcony, which I could access directly from my apartment via a door from the hallway in the upper deck of the apartment... I had no reserves about renting this apartment before I knew the monthly rent, BUT the best part rent was $200.00 per month!!! A monthly rent at $200.00 a month was like unheard of even back in that day.... Henence, I left our visit being the new tenant at 24 East Main Street, Lititz!

This story gives you a small climpse into the strong bond and generousity of a small town community.
Mr. Ford was one of the sweetest people (and very much a business man) of this community; along with his lovely wife, where history has been well preserved!!

If your looking for a long weekend get away, may I suggest..
Lititz, PA

Here are a few links to attractions and B and B's in the area:
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Strugis Pretzel House
Linden Hall School For Girls
Moravian Church
Wilbur Chocolate
B and B's in Lititz
Local Business and Shops


  1. Kathleen, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad I was able to supply the info!

    The story about the apartment was really nice. Mr. was very kind indeed to take care a family friend like that! That is what I love about my hometown!

  2. Your description of that lovely little town makes me just want to jump in the car and take off. However, it is too cold and weather is horrible, so guess I'll have to wait for warmer days and nights! I've never been to the East Coast and I would love to do that before the good Lord calls me home! I can just imagine that apartment was the coziest place for however long you lived there! Have a great day! Hugs ... Marcia


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