Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hidden Treasures......

I found this note hidden and tucked away in my luggage Saturday afternoon, after returning from my Aunt's Services....

I was so in need of a "pick me up" and this note from my Nephew, Seth was just the ticket!!

Seth is in first grade, he LOVES to read, write letters and tell stories...

His imagination is one that goes way beyond his years.

After reading Seth's Note, I placed it in a safe place and got busy with some unpacking, grocery list and some laundry, I later sat down to take a breather, reflecting on the day and feeling a bit sad that my time with my family went way too quickly and of course my Aunt, seeing family and acquaintances today I haven't seen in a very long time, trying to wrap my brain around it all, when my phone started to ring...
It was Seth....!!

He was wanting to know how soon I was coming again for a visit and reminding me his Birthday was in April and that would be a "Great" time to visit, again!!!
He has plans, very big plans for his birthday.
That imagination..... he left no stone unturned with detail as he shared with m
e what he has planned for his two parties.

Seth is just the sweetest and most thoughtful little guy, putting his best into whatever he may be doing at time.

Digging into the goodie bag Aunt K gave him when she arrived

Swinging "Seth's" way at the parkGiving his little brother, Keegan some Love

Acting Goofy with Aunt K on New Years Eve at Kobee's Japanese RestaurantWe went shopping for Birthday cards for Mimi...
His card he chose himself, brought tears..!!


  1. Great pics! Glad you are home safe and sound.

  2. Thanks for both your email and for your comment of today! Since I do up my church's bulletin every Sunday, I pretty much have to go to church ... otherwise, they'd just have to wing it! LOL I look forward to your blog and a few others every day ... so fun reading what others have to say. So many quilters, crafters and super innovative folks on-line! Boggles the mind! Hugs ... Marcia

  3. Laurie....Seth LOVED the books you gave for him!! I had to get some "new" markers for those new tablets...Ha I'm such a sucker as my SIL tells me..!

    Marcia...Thanks for visiting my Blog EVERY day!:))


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