Friday, July 22, 2011

The Big 5-0......

This Birthday message was one of many sent to me via my cell phone, this particular one was from a long time friend:)
 I survived...!!

This Bday card is from my BFF, one of many cards given to me.

 My BFF and I have the best of times when we get together,
she has a knack for finding cards that reflex the girly-girly in us!

My son  treated me to an All-You-Can-Eat
Seafood Feast at TJ Rockwell,
The Seafood Feast is served only on the deck
and with the extreme temperatures in most of the country,
it was a bit "warm" even in the shade and nice breeze...
But, the meal was so good we hardly noticed the high temperatures,
and we really enjoyed our time together.

Hubs and I before we dug into our Feast..

My first plate of shrimp and clams..
You have your choice of one, combo of two or all three of
Shrimp, Clams and Hard Shell Crabs..
And Yes, ALL YOU CAN EAT..!!

Some Birdie mentioned to our server it was my birthday...
This little Ice Cream Dessert is actually on the menu for .69,
and was given complimentary to me...
Notice the Sparkler sticking out of the side,
it fizzled out very quickly and the Ice Cream under
the massive mound of whipped cream was almost completely 
melted by the time I willingly devoured the whipped topping..!
O, and there was Chocolate Sauce under there, too!!!
The size and amount of this dessert was perfect after feasting
on all the seafood...

Sorry for the quality of this picture (phone pic)
After dinner we headed to a favorite hangout for more
celebrating, this is Carmen who is a long time Friend of mine...
I was encouraged to have a "shot" for my big 5-0,
to know me..I am NOT the "shot" drinking kinda gal,
but I took a chance on one that sounded tasty..
I would tell you the name, but it really is not very 
"Lady Like" so we'll just say it was very tasty and leave it at that:)

Whew.....Yes, I survived!
And it was fun!!

I have to add this photo..
Just received this beautiful bouquet from a dear friend, Vickie..
Love you, Girl..!!

Thanks for sharing my celebrating with me...!
Have a fun and safe weekend, my friends..

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