Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Myers Family Reunion
Lititz Springs Park

What a good time was had by all,
inspite of the hot and very humid temperatures...
No one left hungry and most if not all
of the little ones left being very very tired,
and a few "big" ones!

Below are a few pictures capturing some of 
the days activities....
Nick taking his best swing at the Pinata
Nick trying to hand off the bat to his little cousin, Kara.

The fast scramble to pick up the most candy you can...

The Pinata waiting patiently high up in the tree..

The Matriarch Of The Family...My Mother's Oldest Sister, Aunt Romaine

A little Bingo Playing

Old Photos....
I found this awesome idea a few months ago on a blog (of course)
You Hang rope in several rows and attach photos with snap clothes pins to 
display your photos.  This eliminates everyone from touching
and handling your treasured photos...
It was a BIG hit..!

My Mother's Youngest Brother and his wife

Ha...I was caught doing what I like best...Eating 
Notice the coolers and crock pots behind me..
NO one goes home hungry from this reunion!
On six large picnic tables, 
we have all the favorite picnic foods with a little bit
of good old fashion PA Dutch foods and desserts..

Miss Aubree, My niece, Ashley's little cuttie...

And so this brings us to the end of another great reunion 
of the Summer!

I can't believe its here and gone already:(

Thanks for stopping by, my friends..

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  1. Hi K, thanks for sharing the photos. Our family has become so small there is no need for family reunions. Just Mother and 1 of her cousins left in Mother's whole family on her Mom's side and on my Dad's side I have 1 aunt left. None of the above have good minds anymore so girl you are so blessed. Love the idea for the pictures. Would be neat for homecomings for church as well. Would have loved to shared that food, wow! Looks like the little ones had a blast and that baby, just want to hug her thru the screen. You have a good one.


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