Sunday, June 12, 2011

A fun and busy weekend...

Friday was a day of errands,
Lunch in the park,
Late Afternoon Movie to see my Johnny
in the latest Pirates movie
and then meeting up with friends
and relaxing while catching up
at a local eatery on their
patio of cozy atmosphere....

Saturday was a very busy day at the salon,
followed by an invite to a party.

I had all intentions of attending the party,
however about the time I was preparing to leave
the clouds opened up and gave a severe 
summer storm with tornado warnings...
I was traveling in the same direction as the storm,
so I decided to stay home
where I felt safe and comfort....

Sunday was a day of rest...! Period
Another busy week a head
of Salon business, friends and myself pool side
and the usual everyday stuff 
to keep this home moving forward.
Tuesday I must attend a memorial service
for my father's cousin,
to whom our families were always
very close...

Have a great week and enjoy the season of summer..!

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