Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm totally hooked on,
The Housewives Of New Jersey
Housewives Of New York....

I started watching a HO New Jersey marathon
while I was down and recuperating..
Now I plan my Sunday and Thursday evenings around the shows...
How pathetic is that!?
I am a NO drama person,
but for some reason I enjoy these two shows,
I find the New Jersey series more to my personal likes
than New York, but have come to enjoy them both...
It must be an East Coast thing..!!

It's hard to believe the weekend is done,
and the longest day of the year has also come and gone:(
I must say...
 This weekend was very nice and relaxing with
open concerts in parks both Saturday and Sunday..
As a child, my parents were ones who also
enjoyed time spent with the family at parks...
We even went to parks when snow flurries were 
dancing around us as we ate the steaming hot soup
my mother had made for the outing..
I guess my love for parks comes from my childhood..

Saturday after our concert in the park,
we decided to drive to another favorite place 
of mine in the summer,
The Jigger Shop in Mt Gretna...

The Jigger Shop has some of the best ice cream creations....ever!!

Sunday evening was spent with some very long time
and dear friends of ours at another favorite park
listening to a free concert and catching up...
This coming week is going to be busy
gearing up and preparing for the holiday weekend
of parties and festivities,
so having a relaxing no fuss weekend was very welcomed..

Yes, Summer is in full swing,
and I love it!!

Have a fun and safe week, my friends!

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend. Winter with hot soup in the park sure sounds like fun right now. We have been having such HOT temp. I am not a summer gal, Love cold and winter. Bet my little Darbee Rae would love a day in the park with the sprinklers!! Hope you have a great week ahead.


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