Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meeting Jane

This weekend
I met Jane..

That's Jane as in, Jane Seymour!
My best Friend, Kathy and I ventured to the Big Apple on the quest to meet Jane.
We arrived in the city around 12:30 Saturday afternoon. Our hotel on 8th Ave, off of Broadway had Valet Parking, so I simply drove up to the curb, immediately was greeted with the most kindest doorman ever, (I wish I had gotten his name and pic)

Luggage was taken out of the back of my Torrent, without hesitation from awesome doorman and delivered to our room...
My Best Friend, Kathy and I

We did a quick inspection of the room and off we went in search of Jane at the Art Expo in the Big Apple. Awesome doorman waved down a cab, tucked us in and waved goodbye.

At Jane's booth I met up with some ladies I have gotten to know through Jane's Club. These women are some of the sweetest and sincere people I have ever met. The time spent with these ladies was exciting and just simply, fun! The group of ladies traveled from CA, TX, GA, MA and the UK.Jane's Art Work In NYC

Jane at the Art Exp in NYC

Friends at the Expo I have met through the club

After a late night of Food, Drinks and great company, Kathy and I settled back in our room for a much needed rest. We decided to head out early in the morning due to a whopper of a snow storm heading directly towards NYC...

Spending time out on the town in NYC with great company

This morning when it was time to leave, my Torrent was dropped off within minutes of notifying the desk of our checkout, awesome doorman was on duty again, he loaded luggage into Torrent and with fresh coffee in hand, Kathy and I headed out of the Big Apple after spending a very memorable time with ladies I probably will never see again in person, but will always cherish the memories..!


  1. How fun!!! What a great road trip with your friend. And to meet new friends too!!!


  2. I am glad you had a great time! I love seeing pictures.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I've always liked Jane. Nice picture of the two of you. :-)

  4. Ok, I know who you are now! lol I just loved Jane's artwork, wow! It sounds like a dream come true trip! Thanks for the award too, means alot!

  5. Wwo is all I can great to meet her in person and all your club friends to boot!
    Don't you just love NYC - I'm so wanting to get back there again.
    Loved the post.

  6. How great is got to meet Jane! I have always admired her and would love to meet her. SO glad you had a great time. WHat an amazing trip and what fun to meet up with your friends. Thanks for sharing.
    I just received her open heart necklace for my Birthday and I love it.

  7. I love the city...its a great place to visit and get caught up in all the business.. And there is so much to do..!!

    Jane is a very sweet Lady and her jewelry is so beautiful..I have to get me one of those T-Shirts with the Open Heart!

    Thanks for stopping by....K

  8. How fun for you! That will definitely be a memory for you. BTW, nice blogspot! :-)


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