Wednesday, August 5, 2009

*Special Friends*

I was surprised to be given this
Beautiful Picture Frame
for my Birthday from my Long Time
Very Good Friend, Laurie...

I was wondering why it was so important
for Laurie to have our picture taken together.

I am
usually the one who
has the camera in everyone else's face....
I totally LOVE it!
Thank You, Laurie....!!

This next picture is one of a gift also for my birthday....
My "new" friend, Judi hand crafted this very unique
beautiful Chinese Star Book,
with all my favorite colors..!!

The book is used to hold blank labels within their own pocket...
Others write their own words to you on the labels.
The book becomes a very special
memorable keepsake..

I will be toting this book with me for a while,
so beware every one...

A warning though...
Only nice words are to be written:/

Judi started with
"Happy Birthday" wishes....

Thank You Laurie and Judy,
for thinking of me on my Birthday
for the very special and memorial gifts
I will cherish...FOREVER


  1. I am just sorry it is so late....I didnt want to give it to you the night we went out cause I didnt have the pic...ha!
    Glad you liked it.

  2. Evening K!
    Love the picture frame. It's a super picture of the both of you and I really like the unique chinese star beautiful.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today - and for the Lititz Craft show update...I thought about it all day yesterday.
    Our cousin from Lancaster is here visiting and she said....'aren't you supposed to be in Pennsylvania this week?'
    Yep...wish I was.

    Hugs, Karen


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