Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Votes Are In

It's no secret that I am very very proud of my hometown of Lititz, PA

In the Fall of 2012 Budget Travel Magazine did their yearly promotion to enter your favorite coolest town in the US.  The top 15 towns were then listed and you could vote once every 24 hours for your favorite town. Voting started in mid January with the last vote tallied on February 15th at 10 pm.  
With the social media being what it is today, it did not take long for the word to be spread through the community and throughout the entire world..! 
Lititz is home to many who have left the area but have not forgotten the close community and fun place Lititz truly is. They were raised in Lititz just as their parents, grandparents and even ancestors dating back to the founding fathers of this town that was once a closed community of Moravians founded on the Moravian teachings and principles. 
I am very proud to have in my family history, ancestors who were a part of the founding of Lititz. 

So as the word got out, the voting for Lititz took off like a wild fire.

I have made friends with many through my blog from different areas outside of  Lancaster and PA who love our small quaint town.  The caring community is one you just don't see in many others.   There was a time when everyone knew everyone, and I for one was related to most of the community.  That is a "funny" among my family and friends.  One I'm very honored to have....

Here is a link to a video and a radio interview in New York with a resident of Lititz who has lived in the town for 10 years...

Lititz, PA

You be the judge..:)

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  1. Beautiful town - if I could I'd live there.

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