Friday, June 5, 2009

Florida Family

This past week my very good and long time friend,
Sue and her family came for a visit from Florida.
Sue and I met many years ago when we both worked as Nurses in the local hospital where we resided. My son and Sue's daughter are the same age and were friends just as quickly as Sue and I became...
We spent a lot of time together outside of work doing the girl friend thing and also with the kids...So many memories!

Sue lost her father two years ago to cancer and made arrangements
with his widow to obtain family treasures that rightfully so belonged to Sue.
So, my family had the pleasure of having a fun-filled week with Sue and her family.

Since I still had classes the beginning of the week before my "official" vacation,
Sue had many things planned...
Hershey Park with her Best Friend from School, Self Tour of Amish Country
and packing up the family treasures...

Thursday started my first full day of vacation and we too had a full day planned..
We started out doing some shopping to purchase those "extra" pieces you need to store all the stuff you purchase while on vacation..
You know, ALL the Hershey's candy that filled two coolers..OMG!
I thought I loved chocolate..?!!

After our little shopping excursion we headed to one of our favorite places to eat,
Shady Maple in Blue Ball, PA

If you live in the area and have never been or your coming through the area,
and you LOVE food..
Shady Maple is the place visit..!!

After our belly buster lunch my role as tourist guide began..

Sue and I before our lunch in the Lobby of Shady Maple..

Sue, Me and Deb

Deb and I in Lititz Springs Park

Lititz Springs Park

My son, Jere and Sue's son, Mike...

When did they grow up...??!!
Seems like just yesterday they were strapped in car seats:((

This good-bye was a bit hard,
We had a very relaxing visit with lots of laughs and just doing FUN stuff...

What Sue and I miss the most..
Those long talks over a good cup of coffee....!

Oh...I'm planning a trip this fall to Florida:))


  1. What a fun reunion. So cool that you have stayed in touch with each other. Cute pictures!


  2. It is always fun and a blessing to spend time with good friends. I am glad you had a nice time...and I am with you...where did all the time go?


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