Monday, June 8, 2009

My Bucket List

I have always wanted to compile my own "Bucket List".
A fellow blogger listed hers, and I decided to follow her lead and list mine.
~So, here it goes~

1. Travel the entire coastal highway of California, Oregon and Washington States
2. Travel to Europe
3. Pass my wedding gown on to my grand-daughter
4. Purchase a vacation home
5. Go on a Safari
6. Create a cookbook with ALL my Grandmother and Mother's recipes
7. Finish ALL the scrap books of my grown son's years of achievements
8. Drive the Southern Route to California, returning the Northern Route
9. Purchase a new convertible

God willing I will complete this Bucket List....

If you would like to create and share your own list,
I welcome you to do so.

Make your list and copy/paste it to my comment page on this post
for me and others to read.....


  1. I think I will make a bucket list too...will let you know. I loved the movie! If you do the southern California should stop by for some sweet tea and cookies!


  2. Just stopping by to THANK YOU for your thoughts and prayers in regards to the situation I posted about last night. Means more than you know!


Thanks for the visit....! I encourage and look forward to your thoughts and comments. Many Blessings...K

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