Sunday, June 21, 2009

The next phase begins....

Well I must say, the week ended on a very high note...

After finishing my official last day of class,
My Best Friend Kathy arrived at
my home with this beautiful bouquet of flowers
in honor of my completion with school...

After we had pics taken and chatted a bit,
we headed out for dinner.
Our meal was absolutely delicious...
The menu for the evening was,

"Chicken Crissfield"
Sauteed Boneless Chicken breast topped with fresh crab meat,
garnished with cheese, spinach and asparagus.

When we could not take another bite,
we then met up with more friends
and enjoyed the remainder of the evening

with good company and a great atmosphere....

My very good friend, Laurie surprised me with this gift of
Flip Flop Coasters...
She knows me all too well,
I love my flops and for me there is nothing better than having my
Glass of Wine....

It's a great feeling to know after so many years of being out of the classroom,
I was able to take on this challenge and do very well...
What I thought was my last day of class,
appears to not be so...
I was approached by my Instructor and
very much encouraged to continue with school and obtain
my teaching license....

After giving it much consideration and discussing the options with my family,
I am going for it..!!

Stay tuned for the next phase of this new and very exciting
Journey !

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  1. How exciting! I think it's so neat that you've tried and succeeded at something you wanted to do at this stage of your life. I am contemplating the same thing with photography. I absolutely love it and want to learn more and maybe start a business taking photos. Who knows...I am looking into it. Congrats again and good luck on the next phase.



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