Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Journey...

I know its been a while since I last posted, there is a very good reason..!!

I have embarked on a "New" Journey!

After much soul searching and research, I have decided to return to school working towards obtaining my license as a Nail Technician...!

Since I have had major life changes involving my professional Nursing career over the past 8 years, I no longer am able to physically work as a Nurse. So I have decided to do something "Fun" and rewarding in the sense of helping others feel good about them selves...!!!

I have competed my second week and I can honestly say....
I LOVE IT...!!

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this new and exciting time in my life...
Well....maybe the testing/theory part has increased the Anxiety Level a bit..!
It has been 29 years since Nursing School, as the memory and brain cells just do not work like they use to....??!
The study and learning "tricks" are coming back to me..LOL

Here I am removing old polish from my client (fellow student)...hence the black gloves.
Aren't those gloves just....Lovely...??!!!

My first manicure.....
(the red "spot"on the towel..not mine! llol)

I am so blessed to have found a school with an outstanding Administration, Instructors and Fellow Students and Curriculum for Adult Students...!

I'll keep you posted as I progress..


  1. That does sound like fun! Can't wait to follow your progress! I was a nurse waaaay back about 20 years ago, but that is so stressing and physically hard on a body.

  2. I am excited for you! And I like how you like making others feel good about themselves. I think you will be very good at this. Next time I am in town I'll make an appointment with you! =O)

  3. K this is just wonderful....I'm happy for you and know it will be a positive venture.

  4. Wow - that is so great! Good for you for finding a new direction. I am sure you will be a huge success!



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