Monday, December 7, 2009

Over The River and Through The Woods....

This past weekend I ventured out in the first measurable
snow fall we have seen thus far
this winter here in PA...

Where did my travels take me..??!!

To Patti and Tim's
Brickhouse for some Porch Sitting Time...

Although the temperatures were way too cold to
sit a while on their porch,
we certainly had no problem talking the time
away in their most quaint and charming shop
filled with handcrafted items for sell...

I was most impressed with Patti and Tim's
rule to display and sell ONLY handcrafted items made
exclusively in the USA...
Seems many retail craft stores have gotten away
from this rule.

The time Patti and Tim give to researching the
quality of crafts from each
vendor who they sell for is seen through out
the wall and floor displays
is much appreciated...

Patti N Tim...

My treasures I purchased....

Snowman, stockings for a fireplace display( I had to have
me some of those..!!), a plaque and
the Grubby Rice Lights with a touch of Ginger scent...

The Plaque was a gift to me from Patti..
"thank you, patti"..!

The beautiful drive north through the mountains
as the snow was falling
Along with
The warmth and coziness found in this little

Made for a very nice and relaxing day....

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  1. What a fun weekend! I am glad you had a good one with your friends.


    PS - I AM sending you that check. I really do want you to have the pillows. :)


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