Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joys N Blessings

This time of year brings much joy and happiness,
it also brings thoughts and reflections
of those who have touched our lives and will forever
be in our hearts....

As I review my recipes deciding which ones I will bake this year
and those I want to visit and send cards to..
My thoughts drift with a teary smile, thinking of my
Aunt June Rose...

We lost my Aunt at this time last year,
For those who follow my blog you may recall the several posts
mentioning her and how very much she was a great influence on
me and the direction of my life....

*And She left me with so many Memories*

her long well manicured hands~her laughter with squinting eyes~the tilt of her head when she was perplexed~looking at me during conversation~washing dishes in her kitchen~baking christmas cookies~saturday mornings~her asking me "what can I get you?"~excitement in her eyes as she spoke~playing piano~walks~her honesty~the way she said "well, ta te ta"~chicken pot pie~her thin wedding band~her "Hello" when she answered the phone~the way she said, "kathhyy" with her soft voice~her reciting the "night before christmas"~sunday dinners~her hot office in the summer time~the smell of shoe leather~laughing together~her birthday~our lunches~waffles n ice cream~picnics~her tiny feet~sitting on her porch~her love for god n family~her story telling~
playing cards~crossword puzzle~black coffee~dove soap~
her understanding

I am a better person for having her bless my life
and I sure do miss her..!

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