Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Pretty's

Yesterday was the first BIG major snow fall of the Season....

I had to take advantage of homes decorated for
the Holiday with the falling snow

Fortunately, I did not have to venture very far for
some beautiful pictures

The development directly behind me (as in our yards meet) is 5 years into new development
We purchased a large lot to the frontage of the development 20 years ago,
the land behind us was undeveloped for a good 15 years

It is nice living in such a beautiful area on top of a "large" hill

The homes in this area have at least an acre of land

Our home is sitting on just under 2 acres

So as you can see from the pictures
it was a picturesque kinda night
on the Hill...

Both pictures were taken at the same time,
the first one without the flash..
second one with the flash

You can see how hard it was snowing...

Absolutely Beautiful

I wish my home would be among those decorated
unfortunately I no longer go "all" out with

We did when our son was growing up
since our lives have become busier in different
ways, each of us going in different directions
and traveling most christmas holidays
to a warmer area
its become too much to deal with after

We always purchased a live christmas tree with the ball intact

after christmas my husband and son would plant the tree

we have several throughout our property from past christmas's
in fact, we just had our very first christmas tree from our first christmas
in our home after we built, removed this past fall...
we had planted the tree in the front corner of the house
near our son's bedroom
the tree became way too large and had to be removed...

I have now down graded to a small 4 foot table top tree
the one with the lights already strung...
Very easy and simple

It actually took me longer to make a new bow this year for the top
than it did to decorate the entire tree

We have many christmas memories of the lights and decorations
added to the outside of our home, a time when not many homes existed
around us...

Friends and Family would pass by and comment
how beautiful our home was decorated....

Yes....we always have the memories

Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year

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  1. Hi K,
    Been awhile for me here and I loved reading your post tonight.
    Your pictures are beautiful - love the snow one.

    Stay warm


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