Monday, February 2, 2009

60 Minute Steelers

What a Superbowl for all who watched...
It's a very Happy Day in PA!

I am not letting the news that Phil, the Ground Hog saw his shadow this morning
,(meaning there is 6 more weeks of winter predicted) ruin my day!!

Today, I along with many, will savor the thrill and excitement feelings tumbling around in our bodies for the Steelers 6 time win of the Superbowl..!!

What comes in two's comes in three's..Right??
World Series, Superbowl...What's next??

How are those 76ers doing??


  1. I don't usually watch football but I did watch the game yesterday. I picked a good one to watch. :-)

  2. Well congrats on the win! I slept through the whole game! I was so sleepy! Hey when you get a chance come over and sign up for my first give away!!!!


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