Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fasnaught Day

In Pennsylvania Dutch Country, today is not typically referred to as
"Fat Tuesday"
For us it's....Fasnaught Day!!

What is a Fasnaught you ask...??

The "True" Fasnaught is a plain donut. No sugar or hole in the middle.

2 c. sugar 2 eggs, well beaten 2 c. warm milk 3 pkgs. dry yeast 2 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. butter, softened 1 pt. potato water 10-11 c. all-purpose flour

Cook potatoes reserving 1 pint of water. Add sugar while mashing potatoes when still warm. Add salt, eggs, milk. Dissolve yeast in warm potato water plus a little sugar. Add to other mixture. Add flour and butter gradually until it's real sticky.

Let rise until double in volume. Punch down. Let rise again. Take portions of dough and place on floured surface and roll out until 1/2- inch thick. Using knife, cut in 3-inch strips. Let rise until double in volume. Fry in oil.

The Fasnaught is best when eaten with Molasses, which I had half of one on Saturday and the other half on Sunday..
We purchased half a dozen at Green Dragon on Friday from an Amish Stand. Which were the real deal when it comes to Fasnaughts...

Having been raised in the Heart Of Lancaster County, I was not aware there were so many different variations of Fasnanghts. After I starting working as a Nurse in Lebanon County, when Fat Tuesday came around staff at the hospital were overly rewarded with St Gertrude's Famous Fasnanghts, from families of patients....
People wait for hours in line for these overly large round donuts coated with sugar. The donuts are so fresh, they're still warm when you get them.
I must admit, they are the best darn donuts I have ever eaten when compared to the recipe I grew up on in Lancaster County...!!!!

Happy Fat Tuesday!!


  1. Hi K ... the Fasnaughts sound delish ... but you didn't include how many potatoes you need to cook and are they used in the recipe? I probably won't be making these, but others might and if potatoes are a main ingredient ... they need to be included in the recipe! Just reading about them makes me want one! Hugs ... have a great Wednesday!!

  2. Marcia...
    The recipe states to use 1 pt of potatoes. The instructions are listed...

  3. These sound so yummy! Going to try this. Was just talking about you on my blog today..how you are making me fat!!!...lol Hope you are havign a wonderful day! Come by and visit! =O)

  4. Mmmmm, fasnaughts? I have never heard of those - but they sound and look delicious!

    What a wonderful thing to make for Fat Tuesday! YUM!


  5. PS - I love your header! So cute!!!


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