Thursday, February 19, 2009

Savoring Every Bite

On Valentine's Day,
my husband and I had a late Lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

I usually do not indulge in dessert.

With it being V Day and all, my husband was insistent on the dessert.
One of many mouth watering home made pies listed, was one of my absolute must haves if dessert is part of it all...

Coconut Cream Pie

This piece of Coconut Cream Pie was so huge,
I immediately asked for a container when the waitress brought the pie to the table.
I left a small piece on the plate to eat then and brought the remainder home.

I have been "nibbling" on this pie since Saturday and surprisingly so,
I still have quiet a large piece left.

Yes, I am a cheap date...
But Fun!!!

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  1. Oh great, now I have a sweet tooth! This looks so yummy! Take me next time, would ya!


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