Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quilters Of South Carolina

The Artfull Bras Project for Breast Cancer Awareness
Quilters Of South Carolina

A friend sent me this site information via my email and I would like to pass it on and share.
Please take the time to read and view the link above
"Quilters Of South Carolina"
and see the creativity from this outstanding group of Ladies for
Breast Cancer Awareness..

My favorites are
Carolyn's Garden and Tickled Pink , My Sister's Sense of Humor"

What's your favorite...??


  1. Hi! I like the Caroline's Garden and the button and boob one the best. They are great!

    Thanks for giving me the heads up about the recipe. I forgot to add when to add the cornstarch and sugar, but I have fixed it now!



  2. I sent the URL for the Artful Bras to a friend in MO to share with her d-in-l whose Mother passed because of breast cancer. My friend shared that URL with other friends because of the message and because the bras are just so cleverly done. They are all so clever, it's difficult to pick a real favorite, but I got a good chuckle from the "Hooters" bras. Thanks for sharing this! Hugs!!!


Thanks for the visit....! I encourage and look forward to your thoughts and comments. Many Blessings...K

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