Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are You Talking To....ME???

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog here of late.

It seems so much is happening at one time and I have "Stuff" that requires my attention.

Yesterday we met with our Banker and signed the necessary paper work to release the funds to purchase our New Endeavor...

Settlement is set for Friday the 13th!!

Some may see that day as a curse, I however do not.
My Mother was born on the 13th of her Birth month, as well as my youngest nephew. So for me, the 13th is a "Lucky" and Special day and one to be celebrated!!!

And Celebrate we will!

I had my scheduled hair appointment this morning at the Salon I have been a client with for many years...

I was totally shocked when my hairstylist smiled and said,
"So, do I say congratulations on your recent purchase?"

I looked and felt totally confused when asked that question, it took me a few seconds to register what she was asking as she is beaming from ear to ear..

And I might add, was totally shocked..! that she would have knowledge (already) about our property investment. There truly is something to be said for small towns and Salons...!! And welcome this acknowledgment with grace.

I hope I can live up to the challenge of being a good business person in a town of high exceptions from those receiving the service...just as I expect nothing less than the best services, respectfully so.

Today I had the pleasure of setting up new accounts for Online Banking.
I recently transferred my accounts to another banking institution. I was not pleased with my most recent bank, so I decided with the personal transitions taking place it was time to make the changes.

Oh...I had forgotten how grueling it can be to get funds transferred, waiting periods for this and that, NO bank card for several days...WHAT??? I need to make sure I have "Cash" in my wallet...What's that??? And then the time sucking, (please don't ask me for another password) involved setting up a service that is WONDERFUL after you figure it all out..! And hoping you remember those New passwords...and oh...I now have to Change my password every 6 months...WTH??? Who's idea was this to change Banks..???

I think I'll be fine, I only need to remember where I wrote down the passwords to reference!!??

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