Monday, February 9, 2009

Sure....I remember you!!??

Since our discoveries on Facebook, we have had several meet ups through out the past year. Most involving some type of food and starbucks!

Sunday was no exception. We met late afternoon at a favorite location in our hometown,
Scooters Restaurant and Bar

After several hours of food being ordered non stop and unlimited refills on most drinks...we decided to take the meet up down the road to Starbucks...

Unlike Scooters where we had tables reserved for our group, Starbucks was hopping with a much younger crowd and no seats!!! After a short time the "Young Ones" made their leave, but not before we had some from the "Young" group take pictures of our group, the "Seniors"...!!!
With age comes, we are not afraid to ask!!

Laurie and Carol at Scooters. I have not seen Carol since Graduation!
It was great to catch up with her...I hope Carol continues to join our Meet Ups.

After Scooters some headed to Sbuxs for our Dessert!!!
Mocha for me, Please!

Bev Having Family time with her Son and Daughter at Sbuxs,
who just happened to be a part of the Young Group.
BTW..Bev's first time at Starbuxs!!!!

It has been so neat gathering and catching up with each other, getting different spins on life and hearing stories from the past, family, personal accomplishments and what direction we are all heading into in this stage of our lives from where we have been....Wendy is our professional Actor in the group....Seriously!

What surprises me the most is, after all these years..29 to be exact, we still have so much in common, never a loss for words and how comfortable we feel with each other. I can honestly say, I have a special connection with this awesome group of "friends" that when we meet there is no competition or pettiness. I truly feel we have arrived into the adults our teachers and administration could only hope for all those, who pass through the halls of Warwick High...

Next Meet Up in the planning stages!


  1. Hi this post. Isn't it fun meeting old friends. I think this is so great. Do they all live close by or do they have to travel for this MEET UP???


  2. We have some who travel a distance. As far as Philly, VA, and over an hour away in PA. We put the date out and those who have to travel make a great effort to attend....It is so much fun!

  3. How nice for you to be in touch with so many friends from high school.
    High School was not fun for me. I was one of the kids who always got picked on and was glad to leave them all behind!


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