Sunday, February 15, 2009

More than an Ice Cube

My hometown of Lititz this weekend had a walking tour through Downtown Main.
The main event, Ice Sculptures...
They were absolutely exquisite..!!
As you can see below..


Kneeling Stone

What every Gal dreams of receiving....A Diamond

Hammer and Saw

Racing Car

These are just a few sculptures of many that lined the street. It was a beautiful afternoon as my husband and I strolled the town and took advantage of some browsing throughout the many quaint stores.

I was very good at not purchasing many many items for sale I just loved, I did walk away with one item from a Vintage Store.
A pair of hand knitted booties laced with ribbon to tie off the tops...
I purchased them for a young lady who is having her first baby in July..
I can't wait to gift them for her first born...
Maybe they will be kept and handed down to future generations..!!?

Hope you had a great weekend and a special Valentine's Day!


  1. Sounds like a real nice day.
    Those ice sculptures are really cool. :-)

  2. Those ice sculptures are amazing!!! WOW! I hope you had a nice Valentines Day!


  3. Wow...these are really beautiful!

  4. Hi K,
    I recognize your header photo!!! It makes me wish I was there.

    Those ice sculptures are just beautiful...

    I told Doug I want to rent a house for ONE YEAR in Lancaster so we can attend ALL fun functions and shows....wouldn't that be fun? I miss out on so much only being able to come out there a couple times a year.

    I really enjoyed this post.



  5. There is never a shortage of things to do here, Lancaster city is bustling all year round..!!

  6. Karen;

    My first apartment was in the upper level of the building shown in the header pic. I had the apartment in the far back, with the balcony....I saw on Saturday, my flower hook I attached was still there in the ceiling of the balcony!! LOL...


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