Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Day Of The Dragon

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take advantage of the fact it was Friday
and with that comes, Green Dragon day..!!

Green Dragon is a huge area of old buildings settled in a very rural area of Lancaster County, PA.
At the Dragon, You will find the freshest of Vegetables, Meats, Cheeses, Baked Goods, Spices of All kinds, Crafts and Antiques and a live auction of Livestock.
Many Amish are still vendors at the Dragon selling their fresh products. When I am able to get back, which is not very often, I am still amazed the same families (from one generation to another), who have been stand vendors for more years than I am old, are still in the same place selling the same goodies I remember as a child.
I have the layout of the land forever imprinted in my mind as I effortless wind my way through the buildings searching out my favorite stands...

I spent my very early years at Green Dragon. There was never any question as to what we were doing on a Friday night in the Spring, Fall and sometimes winter months. My mother would get her fresh vegetables and cheeses she needed for the week. Sometimes she also purchased fresh meats, but with a butcher in our hometown the purchase of meats was not always a priority at the "Dragon". One item that was always purchased, a Huge Basket of fresh potatoes. I remember the exact spot my father would stand by as my mother inspected the baskets waiting for her approval, at which point he would so effortlessly hoist up the basket on to his shoulders and carry the basket to car, as my mother paid the vendor. Potato shopping was first on the agenda and then off to Mother's favorite stands for the freshness of veggies and cheese.

Yesterday was no exception for me, I did not purchase the basket of potatoes like my mother, I did however get some fruit, spices and baked goods for us humans and our Yorkie, Pete!!
I also found some homemade items for gift giving and my personal use.
Oh, and did I mention...Food!! We had to sample some of the good food made on the premises as we made our way around the stands. I had an Oyster sandwich to start, which my husband willing finished for me. Way too much for me to finish at one time... My husband had a fresh fish sandwich. Later we found ourselves wanting some soup, so we sat down at one of the several open restaurants and ordered some homemade soup. I had one of my favorites, Split Pea with Ham. My husband tried the Oyster Stew. Oyster Stew is also one of my favorites, but I chose the Split Pea and wasn't disappointed in the least....

I was looking for some old jars and wood containers, but with the fierce winds we have been having and cold temperatures, I did not take advantage of the outside vendors where you usually can find those trip on a warmer Friday!

Here are some Pictures of my finds:

This find is a handmade "dress" for a liquid dish soap container. I have always kept this small container on my sink, for easy access to clean off dishes before placing in the dishwasher or a quick wash. I thought this was an awesome way to "dress" up a plain looking dish soap container and the sink area...

The pictures below are homemade treats for Pete. The cupcake is made of carrots and peanut butter. The flower is made from non-dairy cream. They were a big hit with Pete!!

The bag of treats are soft peanut butter bones. Pete loves his peanut butter!!!

If you ever find yourself in Lancaster County, PA on a Friday.
Take the time to visit, Green Dragon.
You won't be disappointed!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day which brought back some happy memories for you!
    I have been to Lancaster a few times myself. I don't live all that far away.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi K,
    I've seen this place but never gone in there....maybe we will next time we go out there.
    You are a wealth of travel information!


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