Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Celebrations..Love Em When They're Someone Else's!!

Sunday Afternoon was spent trying to surprise a friend for her birthday,
Who I have known since grade school. Linda and I, along with several others from grade and high school reconnected on Facebook a little over a year ago.
It's been so much fun catching up and meeting up, every other month or so.

Linda is back into the single world and her children are grown, so a few decided to surprise her with a birthday luncheon.
Note to self, when you invite Linda, tell her meet up time is at least half an hour later than actual "meet up" time..!!

Linda was the first one to arrive, and those planning the surprise arrived 30 minutes before Linda was expected to be there...!!
So, we all kinda arrived at the same time, with Linda walking past us all as we sat in our vehicles from the parking lot watching as she entered the restaurant FIRST..!!!
We had a good laugh before the party even got started..

Linda was surprised and as usual, we had a blast!!

The following pictures are my gifts to Linda

Hand stitched towel

Handmade dress for dish soap
Handmade hot pad

Birthday Card

Our good friend, Laurie gave Linda this hysterical card of the
"Hootchie Koocthie" man...
You can tell by Linda's display, she had a good laugh!

Our guest of honor with friends, Doris and her husband. They drove to PA from Maryland to spend the afternoon with us!

Linda, Me and Laurie

I have the best time with this great bunch of Gals...Old friends truly are the best!!

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