Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thru The White and Drifted.........ICE, OH!!!

There are not many things I hate, but ICE is ONE of them!!!
We had a horrible ice storm in my area starting early Friday morning, lasting almost the entire day.
It makes for a very cumbersome and stressful day, especially if your one of the Unlucky ones who has to venture out in it.

We had several accidents in my area yesterday....
One being a very good friend, Paula.
She is OK, but her vehicle is totaled after hitting an embankment.

Notice how my Oak Tree is weighted down from the ice. I am very fearful I will lose a branch or two. Unfortunately, I have the type of Oak that does not lose it's leaves until the wild winds set in some time in March....

The fire place was stocked with wood and I have plenty of candles through out house, so I knew we would be fine.

I certainly can do without all this "ICE" stuff...!!

Stay warm and be safe Holiday Shopping this weekend


  1. Hopefully you wont lose the branches. I am ready for SPRING!

  2. I hate the ice too - not much you can do when you start sliding on ice. Glad your friend is okay.
    Thankfully we had all rain.

  3. K...stay safe and warm....seems the whole 1/2 of the country is experiencing some kind of ice or snow!


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