Thursday, December 4, 2008

Skywatch title for more skywatch

I am sure there will be many posts this week showing the
Moon, Jupiter and Venus

Here are my shots from Central Pennsylvania
I am looking to the South at 6:00pm on Monday, December 1, 2008

I was unaware this was taking place
my son Txt me telling me to grab my camera and go out and find the Moon...

The sky was so clear and the vision was spectacular!!!


  1. I didn't take any pictures but I did see it in the sky. We were lucky that the sky was clear!

  2. nice catch! Have an enjoyable weekend! Hope you get time to visit mine too.

  3. Great shots.
    That´s true. A lot of beautiful Moon shots.

  4. Those are amazing! Looking at the stars/planets really puts things into perspective.

  5. Great photos. We are having the same night sky here in Florida (obviously), but it's sort of an eye opener to think that everyone is look up to that same sky.

  6. Wow what an oportunity. Great capture

  7. Very interesting and beautiful sky, I can't see the moon, venus and Jupiter from where I am :(
    Happy SWF!!!
    My blog

  8. If you would like the directions for the ripple afghan email me and I'll send them to you. It's very simple - just two pattern rows done over and over.

  9. Great shots to see!! I went out for a walk and saw the beginnings of this happening. Thought I'd get around the block and then stop by for my camera to take pics. By the time I got home 12 minutes later, it was pouring in my part of PA! You did a super job of capturing this event that will not happen again in my lifetime - unless I surpass 90!

  10. SIGH! Everyone got these awesome shots on Monday and all I got was a meeting to cover. :(


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