Sunday, December 21, 2008

Created Treasures from Years Past.....

Oh...I so love creating and making Gifts for others, especially during the Holidays.

When I was Office Manager for a Family Practice, I designed this Sweat Shirt for the Staff to be given to each for their Holiday Gift of that year.

I took an Old X-Ray Film and designed the snow man, stenciled my design in the center of the shirt. I applied the face with paint and black marker, the hat and scarf are hand knitted and sewn on as are the buttons down the middle...
The snow Flakes are from a stencil I remember I had laying around...

This was one project I really enjoyed creating and giving, and I must say they were a Big hit...

The staff wore them our last day of work before the Holiday Break for Christmas and most continued to wear them through out the winter season. I made exceptions, as we had a dress code which did not allow Sweat Shirts.

I came across mine while I was cleaning out a closet yesterday..
Such Great Memories from years Past...!

Hope All had a enjoyable Last Weekend of shopping before Christmas....



  1. How clever you are. What a great gift for everyone! :-)

  2. Hi K!
    I am so happy to have found someone from the area I so love....Litiz/Lancaster area.

    Your sweat shirt is adorable and isn't it great how creative we become....X-Ray Film!

    Hugs, Karen

  3. You did a great job on that and so creative!

  4. Thanks Ladies for visiting my blog and your kind was a lot of fun making the shirts....Have a Great week!


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