Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back Tracking Turns Productive...

Ever have one of those days you have "stuff" to do and you find one more thing your certain you can accomplish before heading home..?

Well for me, today was one of those days..

Yesterday I went home to Lititz, which is about a 25 minute drive for me. I like the Hallmark Store in Lititz so much better than the one close to my home. They seem to have a bigger variety of items and displayed in a way that is very appealing...I NEVER leave that store empty handed!

I had made several purchases for the holiday season, one being a little trinket for my Best Friend, Kathy for Christmas. The words it spoke and the colors had her name written all over it.
As I was searching the store for gift boxes, the clerk checked out my items and had forgotten to place my Friend's gift in the bag. Later in the evening I discovered the gift was missing, so today was back tracking day...

I started out at Pizza Hut with my Son accompaning me..he had a day off today. Pizza Hut Buffet was one of our Favorite things to do when he was in grade school and Middle school years....Since he as been out of school for 3 years, its not something we do very often... His current job is in sales and since Black Friday he has been working very long days. So today was a much needed day off for him...I hardly see him let alone have a meal with him due to his work schedule so I'll take what ever time I can steal to catch up with him....

I also made out my grocery list for the few items I still needed to start some baking tomorrow. I thought I would also take advantage of the grocery store aside of Hallmark, So I darted into the local grocery store and then Hallmark to pick up my "Gift" that was left behind.

After the Hallmark store, I headed straight for my Friend Laurie says, I am a "Starbucks Nut"...

Then it was on the road back home. As we were coming up over the Mountian, I asked my son if he would have time to stop by the Verizon Store with me so I could get a new Cell phone. My phone was over three years old and not holding a charge regardless of how new the battery since my son is the technology guru, I welcome his input on new toys in this high tech world...

I am very please with my phone, thankgoodness I had the rollover for my numbers..!!

I must admit, even though I had to do some back tracking today...
It turned out to be a very pleasant and productive day!!

~~I finished out the evening working on a craft with glass ornaments..I'll post on that another day~~

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  1. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Jere. Sounds like a great day for you!
    Yes, you are a Starbucks NUT!


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